Meet the Team


Heidi Scott

Owner, Lead Consultant

Heidi’s first priority is to find the joy in every project. With over twenty years as a professional editor and writer, she delights in finding those moments when language works to perfectly achieve her clients’ goals. Her knowledge goes beyond just the proper use of a semicolon. She is fascinated with the intersection of psychology and language, and helps her clients better understand the way words and grammar function in real world applications. Words can bring about great good or great harm, depending on their use. 

Heidi is devoted to helping organizations and individuals target and build on communication strengths while gently finding learning gaps and addressing common writing anxieties. Her work spans the globe, including multimillion-dollar corporations, municipalities, universities, trade publications, and published authors. 

She holds an M.A. in English Education and a B.A. cum laude in English, with a teaching certificate in secondary education emphasizing English instruction.


The best moment of her professional career was holding her first published article. Today she giggles at her excessive self-confidence because it was an advice column on how to parent – even though she was years away from becoming a mother. She believes everyone deserves a chance to feel the same thrill when their words are finally released into the world.


Katie Jensen


Katie’s love for words has driven her to pursue editing her whole life. As an avid reader (50+ books a year!), she is often the one returning books to the library having lightly corrected errors in pencil, and she’s not sorry about it. Helping clients polish their work into personal masterpieces brings her great joy. Words have such power when they are used well and organized just so.

Over the last few years Katie has worked with authors of short stories, blogs, websites, trade magazines and books. She is skilled at understanding the voice of her clients and the message they are trying to convey. People and their stories are very much her passion.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Education from the University of Northern Colorado with a teaching certificate in secondary education. She also earned a copyediting certificate from the University of California San Diego. And with her insatiable hunger for learning, she finds herself researching something new nearly every day. 

When Katie isn’t editing (or critiquing her friends’ writing on Facebook—privately, of course), she is homeschooling her kids or playing outside, often both at the same time! She loves to hike, ski, wakeboard, bike, run, walk, and garden. As a family they love to travel the US and beyond, exploring, learning, and eating their way through each state. But at the end of the day, no place compares to their beloved mountain home.

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Brady Nordfelt

Web Content/ UX Consultant

Brady loves to read; he consumes books in the same way he devours a Krispy Kreme doughnut - slowly, deliberately, and with reverence. To say that Brady is interested in many other things is an understatement.  From making homemade Kambucha to mt. biking, from wilderness survival to binge watching Netflix, he loves it all. This wide variety of interests has given him a rich background from which he draws to best serve his clients. Brady has a keen eye for the aesthetic nature of online content. He creates and designs copy to be user friendly, intuitive, and eye catching.

His favorite activity, and the one that keeps him busiest is his family.  He has been married for 17 years and has four children. His family loves to be outside and if Brady had it his way, they would always be in the water, even if it’s winter. He will jump into any body of water, no matter how cold it is. On any given weekend you can find his family out mt. biking, paddle boarding, backpacking, rock climbing, or complaining about having to stay home to do yard work and cleaning rooms.


Brady got his B.S. in Outdoor Recreational Leadership from BYU-Idaho and went on to get a M.A. in English from Colorado State University. For the last ten years he has worked as Visual Media Specialist for the admissions office at BYU-Idaho. In this role, Brady manages all visual content produced to attract and inform prospective students. This includes websites, brochures, videos, social media, posters, and dynamic emails.  


Dana Lynd

Graphic Designer, Artist

Dana’s love of art started from the time of her birth. Everyone has abilities or talents that come naturally. Art has been that for Dana. Dana’s high school art teacher was particularly important in guiding her towards graphic design. She attended a design program which included a foundation in fine arts that expanded into more advanced techniques and media, as well as business classes, photography, computer design—valuable skills that play a considerable role in art as a business. She graduated with a Professional Degree in Advertising Design.

While at college, Dana met another budding artist, Rusty Lynd, and after graduation they started a partnership together. First it was just business, but happily for Dana’s dad, they also started a marriage partnership. There has been much creativity between them, most notably 4 children and 4 grandchildren to date!

Dana worked for two local advertising agencies and eventually entered into a thriving business partnership with Rusty. Clients in fields such as health care, manufacturing, mining, and various small businesses have benefited from Dana’s vision of their image. Dana has also authored and illustrated a children’s book, has been a guest author speaking at local schools, and teaches private art lessons to elementary kids.

Dana enjoys learning about new businesses and professions and telling their stories through design. She finds it gratifying to improve the visual literacy of various companies and then observe their success. 

Along with her love of art, Dana finds great solace in nature. Her backyard has a variety of flora and a beautiful waterfall. She has two miniature horses that she broke to take saddles and is currently working on harness training. Along with the minis, she has two cats, five guinea pigs, and many fish. Family, nature, and art sum up her passions.


Rusty Lynd

Graphic Designer

Rusty is a person of many talents and experiences. He grew up on a wheat farm in north Idaho. There he was able to help with everything from driving heavy equipment to shoveling out barns, raising sheep and cows to hauling grain to the elevators, logging to hauling hay. In addition to the skills learned on the farm, he enjoyed outdoor activities and almost any sport that was available. He also had an aptitude with art.

Rusty moved to the big city of Spokane, Washington to earn a professional degree in graphic design and advertising at Spokane Falls Community College. While there he met his wife and business partner Dana. He spent his internship at a large design firm in Seattle, Washington. Upon graduation he worked for a couple of small advertising agencies before starting his own design business with Dana.

This wide array of experiences helped him better understand and communicate with the many varieties of people and businesses he worked with over the years. These clients have ranged from manufacturing, health care, mining companies, engineering firms, geologists, non-profit organizations, and a variety of small businesses. Design work has included logos, company identity packages, brochures, annual reports, outdoor billboards, vehicle and building signage, product packaging, books, catalogs, print and web ads, the list goes on.

Rusty was asked to join the art department at the KXLY Broadcast Group. When he started working KXLY consisted of a television station and two radio stations. Currently serving as Senior Designer, he provides marketing and sales support for a total of three television stations and seven radio stations.

Rusty enjoys working for the broadcast company, but when working with AdVentures he is able to offer design work to a wide variety of industries where he gets excited to learn about new products and professions. He is skilled at bringing a client’s vision to life, but expanding his knowledge of the work people are doing around him is what he really enjoys.