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About Heidi Scott

Heidi Scott has worked in the private, academic, nonprofit, and federal sectors as a consulting writer, editor, and trainer since 2000.


Her work spans the globe, including multimillion-dollar corporations, municipalities, universities, trade publications, and published authors. A regularly-published writer herself, she teaches the value of all phases of the writing process.


Heidi is devoted to helping organizations and individuals better understand how to purposefully use language. She targets and builds on communication strengths while gently finding learning gaps and addressing common writing anxieties.

Humbly curious and appreciative, Heidi is uniquely suited to work with a variety of populations. She has a proven versatility, equally comfortable working with children in the most poverty-prone areas of the world, media-shy subcultures, high-level executives, and government leaders.

Heidi holds a Master of Arts in English Education and a Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude in English with a teaching certificate in secondary education with an emphasis on English Instruction.

She also enjoys helping people write, edit, and publish their life stories. She loves ghostwriting biographies, particularly when it's an amazing story!

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