Some of our Clients 


Richard Savoie 

Novoment inc.

I have worked with Heidi for nearly three years now and I am very happy with both her work and the timely manner in which it is done. Although not knowing our industry, she learns quickly and is able to provide the editing we are looking for. My ‘go to’ editor of choice!


Leap and Learn, Korea

I have worked with Heidi on several projects, which were targeted for Korean children who study English as a foreign language. She has been reliable and punctual. I am very happy working with her, and look forward to working with her again soon.

Jauna Cabbage


Heidi Scott’s skills as a writer extend far beyond the completion of a project.  Her ability to find enthusiasm in every field, empathy for every subject, and experience in every genre make her an ideal voice for your vision.  The phrase ‘no project too big or too small’ has become a bit cliche, but with Heidi it remains true.  Not only can she handle it all, she handles it all with grace and polish.

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